WiFi adapted for high end audio - WiFi X



The system comes complete and ready to plug in and use. No config required

It is best used with the Switch X for a complete clean networking solution

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WiFi can affect your whole audio system including phono and tape

I cover how/why in this video



First it was critical to find the best access point for use with audio systems

All the top access points got tested

The important aspects were radiated RF noise outside the WiFi bands and a extreme flexibility in configuration with the ability to tweak esoteric settings and load specific wifi chip drivers to have fine control of the WiFi signal

All the access points tested had a TON of RF energy mostly related to Switch Mode Regulators inside the unit. Most access points and wifi routers radiate a surprisingly large amount of RF noise. They all had very few WiFi Signal tweak settings

It was also imperative to be able to drive the access point with a linear power supply because PoE and normal switched mode supplies are horribly noisy in the RFI band below 10Mhz

The Aruba industrial / commercial line of devices stood out right away because of how they are engineered and built. They are designed to handle NSA/DoD/FBI classified information. One of the aspects of this is that it is designed to not radiate any RF besides wifi to thawrt side channel hacking by spies

These units are also stunningly well built. I cover this in this video



A quest ensued to completely rethink WiFi for audio use

WiFi is used in audio systems to control a music server and most audiophiles have a WiFi access point or Wifi Router close to audio gear. Control of a audio server is a very low speed application. The iPad will also be be used in the same room

WiFi access points / WIFi routers are engineered to be as fast as possible and as powerful as possible to cover a whole house. This is VERY bad for use around audio gear blasting WIFi energy out at the highest legal power with the widest channel for distance and speed. Audio Interconnects and gear can pick this up and it can cause issues. The high power WiFi will saturate audio interconnects and get into gear that is close to the access point or WiFi router. RFI & WiFi will travel down the ethernet or power wires and get into audio gear which is typically connected with wire ethernet connections and a network switch

WiFi for audio use is a different animal. It should not radiate excessive power and it should be a narrow wifi channel which is far less overall channel power and much better at maintaining a clean solid connection

Investigations into the energy being absorbed into interconnects and gear showed that WiFi 6 used a different modulation to get to higher speeds, but was way worse in what was absorbed into gear. The WifFi 6 chips also have more jitter.

WIFi 5 was clearly the best way to go

After a LOT of testing of different devices by Aruba the IAP-325 used the best chip set for this application. The next step was testing various firmware and chip set drivers. A very specific firmware was found to be best. Then came a LOT of settings, some very atypical. This required a special modified wifi chipset driver.

The WiFi from the unit is not like any other access point because it targets a very specific application. It is also fully compliant with all standards and works with
everything that can work on a 5Ghz band.

This all resulted in a stunning drop in radiated WiFi energy getting into/onto
audio system interconnects and gear.

The modified Aruba is combined with the DeJitter IT noise canceling linear power supply and a specific cable to match the impedance of the power system in the Aruba.

 The Aruba radiates no RF I can measure below 10Mhz which is critical around audio gear and has a VERY clean WiFi signal without any out of band spurious radiation

The IAP-325 is not made anymore. Many of the best things in life are from the past :)

The Dejiiter It units are refurbished and fully Warrantied